Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report for October 2016

Off the Record

October brought many changes with it. Posting is at an upswing, with the crew in the middle of an exciting new plot. We have several “guest star” players here in the alt-universe who have brought characters from other DS-or at least versions of them.

On the Record

Captain Sesgaard comes aboard briefly to drop off the new XO, Jaalat Tule and swear in Mia Meyers. The anomaly that Phoenix had been tracking hits the station…and does nothing? That’s what the crew of the Phoenix appear to think, but their personalities and histories are now altered. The station itself is slowly changing, becoming less pristine, but the crew seem to have trouble tracking it-quickly accepting changes as how things should be. Komodo arrives on station looking for work and runs into a friend in Celeste Sinclair who is being followed by some Orions. Rookie ensign Rache 109 checks in. Meyers and Clanon and suddenly apparent lovers, Chak grows himself a set of eyes, leaving Scott temporarily in charge of Engineering. Velik wants to overthrow the DFA and a mysterious person by the name of Alec Cer’dan boards the station for unknown business.

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