Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report for May 2017

Storyline: The alternate universe Pheonix had been trapped within collapsed closing the aperture that allowed matter to be converted to energy to escape into the Borderlands universe. The assumption is that the Sun Helios, around which Phoenix circled one of it’s planets, absorbed that energy and Phoenix is lost. But, like a deflated balloon, there remains space inside, and an equilibrium, without transfer of energy or matter between the two. The purplish nebulous anomaly that caused this is no where on sensors. It is as if Phoenix never existed.

Future storyline: Phoenix is trapped. It can be recovered under multiple scenarios. A new clever command crew can manage it. If recovered, Phoenix’s last state is that the tech aboard had regressed to various early Trek levels. Various tech levels may be found from Enterprise, TOS, TNG and even some milder regressions to Voyager and DS9 tech levels. The station itself had undergone a rebellion and signs of combat and combat damage may also be found. All life pods and ships that could be found, have been used for the crew and civilian population’s escape. Due to the time regression of tech, Chroniton levels are higher than normal.

…Or Phoenix may rise again as a newly built station.

Quote of the Month:
=/\=Ssathas? Funny, we’re down here looking for you! Oh, I’m Ensign Dribu Eta, Veterinary Professional on Deck 51. You say you have my babies?!=/\=
Babies? Ssathas turned and glanced back at the cages. “Babies?” He asked. “What kind of creature are you?”
=/\= Not real babies. I mean my creatures. Scales, snouts, poisonous microscopic feelers? You rescued the rest of them?=/\=
–Barry as Ssathas.
–Liv as Ensign Dribu

Title of the month: 2417.05.25.01 SBPX Dribu “Comm a comm a comm a chamelion (heh heh)” Liv

Players of the Month: Ensign Bakar Palchar, Ensign Dribu Eta (Paul and Liv respectively)

Posts of the month:
2417.05.31.01 SBPX “Time to go home Palchar….” Paul as Ensign Palchar
2417.05.31.03 SBPX “It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done before. A far better resting place that I go to than I have ever known.”
Combined posts From Devon, Liv, Heather, Randy, Barry. This is the final post for Starbase Phoenix.

Final Word: Liv.

If Phoenix is to arise again, it will be new players. As the last command level officer, I gave the final word to the new players. Here it is (from the ending of 2417.05.31.03 SBPX “It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done before. A far better resting place that I go to than I have ever known.”)

Kurt smiled. It was late. A painful lesson learned late. But not too late… Kurt didn’t actually say anything but his smiling eyes getting glassy, a hand placed on the bottom of the screen. He opened his mouth to say something, but he knew there would be no time.

Whatever he said to her, the audio cut out half way through. Bu gritted her teeth and buried her head in her arm. She put a hand on the screen.

Prophets. Protect Lt. Kurt Miller. Let him feel my love is always with him in this universe and the next. Bless his comrades and his compassion. Bless his family and his journey to the next life. Bless all young couples, give all travelers safe passage. Bless all of your innocent creatures large and small… And Prophets………

She whispered the next words out loud.
“If you’re real at all. Have mercy on me. Give me the power to forget him.”

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