Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report for March 2017

USS Discovery is still aboard and the crossover is moving forward.

Ens Dribu and Lt. Miller are in engineering to design a ‘device’ to perform some experiments and figure out what is going on with the mystery of Phoenix.

Quote of the Month:
Miss Live Wisely for Ens Dribu’s request for cheese sandwichs. Piper for the best response ever.

“Oh.. um,” She flipped through her notes. “Cortenide and Duranium rods, a Soong brand manipulator, if you can, and a Tri-Nodule Memory Transfer outlet. You can find the two last ones in any old AI design force, and as for the Soong brand, it doesn’t have to be, but I find his approach to data recollection preferable, as it is wireless and disposes of critical overheat backup.”

She rattled the list off like an auctioneer and looked up expectantly.

“Oh, and a cheese sandwich.

“How in the bloody hell does a cheese sandwich fit into that order?” Monty asked looking at the scientist.

She shrugged. “My pangolins only eat cheese sandwiches.”

“Replicator is over there.” Scott pointed.

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