Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report for January 2017

Phoenix is under attack. The impending war within the sector has landed hostilities on our front door. Our ultimate goal is to remain neutral and not demonstrate any favor to one side or another. My reasoning behind this is, there are many travelers who seek solace. They find that solace in Phoenix. The additional travelers contributes to the commerce that comes and goes through this part of the Quadrant.

“After an uprising in the cross-docks, CNC has been locked down and the computer and all essential systems are placed on bio-metric scan and preauthorized status.

“There has been a recent attempt on my life. Given my past, this is no shock, but given the circumstances, and those involved, I am hesitant who to trust. Science Officer Ens Velik is currently being detained in CNC and will be moved to holding to await court marshal.

“The USS Discovery has been deemed as collateral damage at this point. She docked at cross-dock 3 and was promptly ambushed by those in the uprising. Mr Miller has been taken, his status is unknown.

“To this point, Ops officer: Lt. Miller, CoC: Lt. Meyers and Tactical Officer Lt Clanon have dedicated themselves to the purpose of neutrality. To this point, I am not sure which crew members will join me on my drive to remain neutral as the proverbial S&@# continues to hit the fan.

“Commander Tule continues to be absent. Her absence has been noted on multiple occasions. My hope is this situation will be resolved before IAB or Upper Command begins to ask awkward questions concerning the vacancy.

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