Starbase Phoenix Monthly Report for December 2016

Off the Record:

Phoenix has also added a new doctor to the station. A formal introduction has not been made yet, but we hope he will be a valued addition to the crew.

On the Record:

The spacial anomaly we had been studying has proven elusive. One moment it was there, now it is not. Our studies had not proven conclusive nor had we discovered the exact purpose of the anomaly. Given its absence, all we have is residual readings. These readings are proving complex but I have confidence in the CNC staff they will give their best.
Many of our systems are experiencing hardware reversion. Engineering does not have an explanation nor do they know why hardware is reverting and software is remaining. They are tracking changes and addressing major systems as efficiently as possible. ”

Syth paused as he walked around the room and looked out the window at the expanse of starless blue.

“In recent weeks, the threat of war has increased significantly. Inbound and outbound traffic has increased over 10 fold, long range sensors show multiple skirmishes, intelligence is currently over run with factual and false reports. Tensions are elevated within the civilian community, local security has been over run with escalated altercations. ”

With a deep sigh, Syth looked at one of the screens the back to the window. Another deep sigh and he began to speak again.

“Every effort is being taken to keep this station neutral. I have charged CSO Meyers with deputizing some of our civilian community to assist with security and to suppress the military contingent. ”

” There have been many reports of crew members demonstrating ‘odd’ behavior. As I have not been stationed on Phoenix for an extended amount of time, I don’t have much to compare to. I am asking those who are more vetted here, whom are proving trustworthy. To keep me appraised of any additional uncharacteristic behaviors. ”

“As it stands right now, I am not sure what to believe and I am not sure who to trust, but there are those who have committed to stand with me in an effort to maintain our neutrality.”

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