Starbase Horizon II Report – Feb. 2015

Synopsis:  Leaving Starbase Horizon II in the hands of the highest ranking officer - Dr. Lenora Mara. Ava has taken the rest of the crew with the exception of the Security Chief off on a mission into the unknown. Ava has briefed her staff and prepared them for the worst but also for the exploration. 

In the midst off all this the Colonel of the Marines has lost her father but has yet to open up to anyone about it. The Security Chief is preparing for her little girl to have surgery on her seizures and the CMO has met her new recruit with a surprising secret!

More to come soon.

Behind the Scenes:  We’ve had a pretty steady month, we’ve all been fairly busy but that’s okay we still managed a round 60 posts this month and I’m proud of my crew for continuing the fight not to let Horizon slip away. Although I can confirm that, that is not happening although some non members of Borderlands may think it is, for once we are thoroughly enjoying the DS and the players we RP with.

Working on some other offline stuff to do with Starbase Horizon II, will keep you posted!

Post History: Dec: 10, Jan: 89, Feb: 60

Respectfully Submitted,
CO, Starbase Horizon II

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