Starbase Horizon Monthly Report for June 2017

Horizon has welcomed guests from all over the Delta Quadrant for a medical conference. It’s hoped that in addition sharing information between the dutystations, the conference will be an opportunity to improve relations between the various dutystations. And, if the early days of the conference are any indication, it is doing just that. The various crews have been busy making new friends and building on old relationships.

Perhaps one of the most surprising of these encounters was between S’Task’s CO, T’Pal, and a former slave from Cromwell, Lini. In what may have been a first, the young woman that Cromwell rescued from Romulus nearly a year ago insisted on paying her bond price. As she told her friend Darros afterwards, “I own myself!”

And, in spite of all the personal interactions, there were some actual professional presentations. The representatives from both the DFA and the RSE found the talk on the Cer’dan clones perhaps a bit more thought-provoking than they’d expected. The discussion of Borg countermeasures may not have been quite as thought-provoking as the clones, but a series of technical questions on the subject suggested an almost universal interest in the subject. The presentations on blood disorders of vulcanoid/humanoid hybrids and the prevalence of sleep disorders among fleet personnel were also well-attended and very informative.

Quote of the month
The Vulcans were the most obvious choices, but of the attendees she’d encountered, she had her choice of either a full-Vulcan half-doctor, or a half-Vulcan full doctor, neither of which seemed ideal.
– Jason as T’Kar

Player of the month
Koen, for not only a wonderful presentation on the use of subspace fields to combat Borg assimilation but also doing so earlier than he’d planned when Real Life reared its ugly head, forcing another player to delay her presentation.

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