Starbase Horizon Monthly Report for July 2017

The medical conference continued, although there were fewer presentations this month. Not that anybody seemed to complain. It even gave the Captain’s attache, T’Kar, a chance to consult with one of the visiting doctors about a rather private matter she didn’t feel comfortable bringing to Doctor Kria’s attention. The good news: she’s not entering pon farr. The bad news: she truly has the body of a teenager.

S’Task’s doctor had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Horizon’s own bartender, an encounter that left him with an extra spring in his step.

The month ended with a get together, complete with performances from several conference attendees.

Behind the scenes:
July was devoted to the conference and while the presentations were mostly finished, the interactions continued (and still continue, in a couple of cases) throughout the month. We also had the pleasure of welcoming a new player: Boris has joined us, bringing his science officer, Theridon Grallator along with him.

Post of the month:
The exchange ending in 2417.07.13.02 CONF tr’Khllrenz “If you’ve got some extra libido….” by Jason and Randy

Player of the month:
I want to welcome Boris, who’s already jumped feet-first into the game. Without new players, there wouldn’t be a Horizon.

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