Starbase Horizon Monthly Report for August 2017

With the conference over, Horizon returned to normalcy. For the Chief Medical Officer and the Captain’s attache, this meant a more hands (and lips) on approach to their study of interpersonal relationships.

Unfortunately, the calm was not to last as a blast shook the promenade, destroying a local restaurant. Security, medical and damage control crews converged on the site to begin rescue operations under the guiding hand of Lieutenant Commander Concord.

If the explosion had occurred just a few hours before – during the dinner rush – the death toll would have been much higher. Even so, once the wreckage was cleared, five lay dead, and early reports confirmed another six missing, including the restaurant’s owner and bartender. Among the ‘merely injured’ was the station’s security chief, who was struck by shrapnel, piercing a lung.

Investigations into the cause of the explosion have begun and early indications suggest that a power coupling was sabotaged. Likewise, the search for the missing has begun, but the nature of the blast and the heat of the resulting fire has made it nearly impossible to identify any remains at ground zero.

XO’s Log:

Haven started awake when she realized she had nodded off. Maybe a break was a bad idea. “Uh…where was I? Computer playback last sentence.”

Her words in the computer’s voice sounded over her head, “The explosion took out the entire restaurant and really, we’re lucky…we only…had…five….”

Haven rolled her eyes self-deprecatingly, “Resume recording. “We’re lucky we only had five casualties that we know of. There was something like 16 injured in the blast and many of them are still in critical, but stable condition.

Among those is Special Agent Celeste Sinclair who was caught inside the blast radius. Her injuries have her down for the count right now, but I doubt they will for long.

Our Engineering chief, Lt Angelucci and Chief of Science Lt Jameson are both working hard to figure out who or what caused the blast. They are making fast work of the evidence. We are lucky our chief of science has a background in security.

Starfleet has informed me they are sending an investigator to oversee things. I’m hoping we can get everything settled before they get here. I’d like to keep this in house. In the meantime, I’m going to try and catch twenty minutes of sleep to see if I can reboot my brain before I find a couple stims and get back to CNC. Traffic is backed up like I’ve never seen with the security lock down. XO Out. End Log.”

Title of the month:

2417-08-04.01 HZN Sinclair: “You work in shifts? That’s cute.” – Randy

Player of the month:

Koen for taking off with the investigation.

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