Starbase Horizon II Report – Mar. 2015

Plot Synopsis: 
This month has been basically spent with the crew of the USS Sunrise as they head off for the farthest reaches of the galaxy on a mission into who knows what. Back on the Station Tia Dark is struggling to come to terms with her sick daughter and her operation which she is about to have. 
On a side note love is blossoming again on the Sunrise and also the Chief Intelligence Officer has replaced the departing CIO. 
OOC Stuff: 
Been a slow month but MAJOR thanks have to go to my key players – Aaron, Randy and Takeshi who kept on posting even when everyone else wasn’t. Hopefully gonna pick up again this month!
Thanks Randy, Takeshi and Aaron you make Horizon worth playing on continuously. 
Post History:  Jan. –  89,  Feb. – 60,  Mar. – 29
Respectfully Submitted,
Starbase Horizon II

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