Starbase Horizon II Report – June 2015

Plot Synopsis:
After weeks of travel the USS Sunrise and USS Arsineau finally reached their destination at the planet Uscides.  Once in orbit Admiral Lee was contacted by Admiral Silver on the surface and was asked to beam down.  Taking an away team with her Lee complied, but immediately something didn’t seem right as each one of the group perceived the mysterious planet to look different.  Admiral Silver introduced himself and was then joined by a beautiful woman who claimed to be a Q separated from the rest of her species.  Silver said that she’d been with them on the planet for many years and now Starfleet wanted them all to return. After much deliberation and wary of the orders, Admiral Lee decided they had no alternative but to agree to take Silver, the Q and the rest of his party back to Horizon. 
The return journey began and all appeared well until about 2 weeks in when all hell broke loose. Seizing their chance Silver’s men caught Security unawares and began their takeover of the Sunrise, killing anyone in their way. The rampage continued with Starfleet’s weapons seemingly powerless against the assault.  As Admiral Lee was ambushed the captors revealed themselves to be shapeshifters and said they had been working with former DFA officers disillusioned with the alliance between the DFA and Federation.  More of Silver’s ships arrived as reinforcements, and the Sunrise and Arsineau were ordered back to the planet.
Post Count:  Apr – 17, May – 35, June: 23
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