Starbase Horizon II Monthly Report – Jan 2015

* - denotes LOA (Leave of Absence)
** - denotes AWOL (Absent Without Leave)


CO - Rear Admiral Ava Grace Lee F/Human (Cat) 
XO - Riov Isha t'Valdran, 
F/Romulan (Hermione)


CO - Lt. Col. Tamzin Richards, F/Human (Cat)
XO - Staff Sargent Tony Jones M/Human (Randy)
Marine Officer - 
2nd Lt. Callum Porter M/Human (Dan) **
Marine Officer - Open


CO - Open Lt. Takeshi Yamato, M/Human (Takeshi)
XO - Open
Fighter Pilot - Open


CEO - Lt. Jg. Ariel Ares F/Human (Aaron) 
ACEO - Open
Engineering Officer - Open
Engineering Officer - Open


CMO - Commander Rose McGregor, 
F/Human (Hermione)
Medical Officer - Lt. Jg. Amelia Maxwell 
F/Human (Takeshi)
Medical Officer - Open

Federation Health Clinic, 
CMO - Commander Lenora Mara, F/Bajoran (Hermione)


Chief Counselor - Open


COS - Lt. Commander Tia Dark, F/Human (Cat)
Security Officer - Lt. Jg. Danny Dunbar, 
M/Human (Hermione)


COO - Open
Ops Officer - Open
Ops Officer - Open
Ops Officer - Open


CIO - Lt. Narlia Vaz, F/Trill (Drika) **


CSO - Open
Science Officer - Open


Federation Ambassador - Open
Romulan Ambassador - Open
Cardassian Ambassador - Open
Klingon Ambassador - Open
DFA Ambassador/DFA Fleet Admiral - 
Vice Admiral Tony Dark, 
M/Human/Romulan (Anthony)


Kaden Robinson - Child 
Faith Taylor - Child 
Alana McGregor - Child
Father Ted - Catholic Priest - Cat


Special Agent Celeste Sinclair, 
F/Human (Randy)


Security To Ambassador Dark - 
Freelance Operative: Jerold 
Coyne, M/Human (Randy)

Council Members:

CO - Cat
XO - Hermione
Rep - Anthony
Rep - Open

Post Count:

Nov: 25
Dec: 10
Jan: 89 

Plot Synopsis: 

Starbase Horizon II had the worst luck of 
all time when a sub space rupture in the 
fabric of time and dimensions managed to 
seer a whole close enough to Horizon II to 
actually begin pouring its other 
dimensional beings through the gap 
and onto the decks off Horizon II. Admiral 
Lee managed to remain calm for the most 
part but the entire crew became ill 
with diseases, battling against their 
foes and trying to survive as the whole 
base for one moment in time ceased to exist, 
turned in on itself and the crew were dragged 
into the mix. 

In the midst off all the chaos Tia and Tony 
had arrived back to find the Station 
in turmoil and boarded by the only means 
necessary - a spacewalk. Once on board 
they were quick to regroup just as the 
Station disappeared. Once the majority 
of people had woken up in a semi dream 
like state Rear Admiral Lee managed to get 
to Engineering where abouts she and the 
rest of the crew closed the rift in time 
and used the stations own thrusters to 
push the Starbase out of the rift and seal 
it behind them. 

As the crew enjoys some downtime, 
Tia Dark has unknowingly started off 
a series of unfortunate events that 
have led to the Admiral having to 
order to launch the brand new ships 
and ship classes that Horizon II 
only recently had delivered. 

Admiral Lee and the crew including 
Dark are about to head off to the 
outer reaches of the known Universe 
on a four-week mission to 
Planet X0009 where things are surely 
going to get very interesting! 
Stay tuned for more info!

Behind The Scenes:

apologies for no report for December 
to be honest I felt it was kind 
of pointless since we reached our lowest 
posting target. 10 Posts for 
the whole month was and is unacceptable 
but unfortunately when your 
down to the four or five of us it was a 
case of "do any of us actually 
have lives outside of Borderlands over 

With that said We are on the up and 
up we're just starting another 
new plot after a very brief downtime, 
we're hoping this one might have 
a nice ring to it and also might 
hopefully draw in the players to a 
little more active posting.

On a side note I'm so happy to tell 
everyone that Starbase Horizon II 
is NOW ON YOUTUBE, Facebook (page and group) 
and hopefully we have some 
other things we're working on, on the sidelines. 
I'm encouraging my crew 
to make videos for and about Starbase Horizon II, 
I know every little 
piece of advertising helps. 
Anyway you can check out the link to our 
brand new Youtube account 
(complete with a first ever video!) at:

Respectfully Submitted, 
Starbase Horizon II


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