Starbase Horizon II Monthly Report for September 2017

Engineering and Science have been working together to try and piece together the cause of the explosion that destroyed The Pilgrim’s Rest and what they’ve found isn’t good news: sabotage. The only questions now are who and why?

Not all news from the station this month is bad, though. The XO, Science Chief, Acting CMO and Captain’s attache all received well-deserved promotions and the various celebrations did much to improve morale. These celebrations brought with them a series of revalations, including the fact that prior to her career in Starfleet, Commander Concord was better known as Princess Indaura of Disney fame, a fact that the Captain found rather intriguing. Speaking of the Captain, it was revealed that T’Kar was not only his attache, but his granddaughter as well, a fact that the good doctor found much more daunting than her admission that she was named for her mother’s favorite literary character.

This was also a month that saw new faces brought to the station: Sam and Tabitha have come aboard, bringing a new CMO (much to the chagrin of our former Acting CMO) and a new operations ‘officer’ with them. Welcome aboard, both of you!

From the XO:

“The investigation into the blast continues.” Haven dictated to her log, “Dr Kria has performed autopsies on the unidentified bodies and we are waiting on the results.

Meanwhile, Starfleet has sent us an android, specializing in Ops. I, for one, will be interested to see how she integrates with the rest of the crew here. She seems eager to learn. Maybe a little too eager. She managed to overload her system, downloading too much at once.

The investigator arrived on the same transport. I haven’t spoken with him, but I understand he and the CSO have had a chat. So, we’ll just keep on taking it one day at a time.” She sighed and sat down, “Computer end—oh…Actually.” She sat up straighter remembering something, The captain has come to me with the most intriguing project. I’m to plan a halloween party. I’m very excited. It should be a good break from routine and tragedy.” She nodded decidedly, “Computer end program.”

Quotes of the month:

Haven smiled, the amusement twinkling in her eyes, “I am aware I am found of romantic notions. Noble defiance, standing up to the whole universe for what you believe and saying, “No. You move.” It’s not exactly regulation. But…” She was peering down into her cup of coffee with a far off look. “It’s hard to write character into protocol.”

— Amanda as Haven Concord

The shower had felt good. The change of clothes even better. The coffee, critical. She wished she could have taken a swim, to work out the still cramped and painful muscles of her upper back, but when she’d asked, well, the doctor’s response hadn’t been all that polite. Maybe she should have batted her eyelashes a few times. Or maybe she should have acted Vulcan.

— Randy as Celeste Sinclair

Title of the month:

I can’t pick just one, but the series of posts beginning with 2417.09.18.04 SBHZ T’Kar “That’s Frankensteen” and going through (and past) 2417.09.26.01 HZN Kria “The only thing that concerns me is the preservation of life.” That show just how eminently quotable Young Frankenstein is.

Post of the month:

2417.09.19.02 Roek “Excuses, excuses” – Jason, nominated by Amanda

Player of the month:

Tabitha, for jumping in feet first with her character, Thriteen, and obviously having fun exploring the life of a newly activated android.

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