Starbase Horizon II Monthly Report for May 2017

The search into the truth behind the Ascella has taken an interesting turn. It turns out that the ownership papers for the ship lead in a full circle, leaving people to wonder who the ship’s real owners are. When T’Kar tells tr’Saren about this, he decides to officially request the return of his family’s greatest asset.

In engineering, it’s discovered that the strange coating discovered on the umbilical cables of the Theyn derelict are actually nanites that really really like the ambient entergy from forcefields. Plans have been devised to contain the outbreak.

Meanwhile, Celeste continues her attempts to make friends and influence people when she confronts Saith about her uncanny resemblance to the missing Intelligence Officer, T’Den.

And a surprise visitor has arrived, requesting to speak to the Captain. What could the khre’Riov want, and what sort of impact will it have on the station?

Quote of the month:
Tyr “Honestly didn’t mean to bring a weapons platform to your station” tr’Saren – Sam

Title of the month:
2417.05.22.01 HZN Sinclair “Make a Whole Bunch of Moba-aide?” – Randy

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