Starbase Horizon II Monthly Report for March 2017

March began with a wedding. Takeshi Yamato and Luna Hawke were married by Captain Roek in a private little ceremony that was followed by a not-so-private and not-so-little reception.

The Theyn derelict has been brought to the station, but all research was stopped at the request of the Theyn embassy. Or at least it was supposed to stop: rumor has it that research may still be going on behind the Captain’s back.

Meanwhile, Tyr and his shuttle’s AI continue to make new friends, a process that has brought them close to being kicked out of the Pilgrim’s Rest and also brought them to the notice of the station commander who seems to have met Tyr several years back.

The month ended with the arrival of Tyr’s family’s ancestral ship, carrying women’s undergarments of all things. We will have to see where things go there.

We also saw the arrival of a new CO – Lieutennant Commander Haven Concord – and a new doctor – Ensign Tomen Kria.

Behind the scenes:

We have a new XO! At Anthony’s request, he has stepped down as XO and Amanda Rhoades has stepped up to the plate, playing both our new XO and doctor.

Post of the month:

The exchange culminating in 2417.03.05.01 WDNG Roek “The least I could do” with pretty much the whole crew in attendance. This is the first wedding I’ve had a character take part in and it was fun to write.

Player of the month:

Amanda, for stepping up and jumping in as our new XO.

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