Starbase Horizon II Monthly Report for July 2016

I have been assigned to command the infamous Starbase Horizon. It is a posting that will no doubt present unique challenges and test both my skill as a Starfleet Commander and patience as a Vulcan. However, I am looking forward to the opportunity.

The station has recently overcome a tribble infestation that has plagued them for some time. I am grateful to the crew for getting rid of the creatures before my arrival. Tribbles can be…an annoyance.

Admiral Lee along several other officers have been reassigned, leaving the station somewhat undermanned. I am sure Starfleet will be sending replacements soon, and it is a matter of some urgency. There has been aggressivement movement among the Borg for the past several months. They appear to be building up their fleet and moving toward Federation space. It is a situation that I have been keeping a close eye on for some time. We must remain vigilant.


I’m excited to be back at the helm on Horizon! Though we don’t have many players right now, I have several Borderlands veterans returning to help me get this thing off the ground. John Peterson and I…mostly him…have come up with a storyline that I think would rival that of any top rated network tv show or movie. Can’t wait to play it out! We’re just getting started so things may be slow going here at first, but once things get rolling we’ll be off and running!

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