Starbase Horizon II Monthly Report for January 2017

A vessel has been detected entering Horizon space. Although it is moving at a good percentage of lightspeed, it doesn’t seem to be moving under its own power. It has only a pair of faint energy signatures and a solitary lifesign that is even fainter. Captain Roek has ordered the Firestorm to take an away team to investigate.

Meanwhile, a Romulan Legionnaire has unexpectedly arrived on the station. He doesn’t wear any rank or insignia, and claims to be on “family business”, only time will tell just what sort of business his family is in.

Post of the month:

I have to go with Randy and Sam’s post: 2417.01.23.01 HZN JP:Celeste Sinclair, Tyr tr’Saren “Welcome aboard, Arrain.” They’re both great writers and they do a great job of playing off of each other.

Player of the month:

For the second month in a row, the player of the month is Koen. He continues to attack the game with a passion that I love to see in a player.

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