Starbase Horizon II Monthly Report for February 2017

The away team boarded the derelict vessel – which turned out to be Theyn in origin – where they discovered several long-dead bodies and one not-so-dead body in a nearly-dead stasis chamber. A tug has been dispatched to bring the ship to Horizon for further study.

Meanwhile, an experimental Romulan shuttle arrived at the station in search of her missing pilot, much to the chagrin of said pilot, tr’Saren. In other news on the Romulan front, tr’Saren has decided to shack up with one of the local Romulan expatriots, Saith.

Quote of the month:

“And I am not t’Furhon. I have better social skills.”

Barry, as the AI. Side note: this quote was mentioned on both Horizon and S’Task’s NRPG boards.

Post of the month:

The exchange culminating in 2417.02.13.01 HZN Elex “Males! Why are they all so stroppy?”

Barry and Sam

Player of the month:

This month, the honor goes to Barry and his portrayal of a perhaps too-intelligent shuttle.

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