Starbase Horizon II Monthly Report for April 2017

A pair of scientists have arrived, showing perhaps too much interest in Jameson and Maxwell’s research into their genetically modified plants. Tyr has also begun asking questions about the Ascella, the freighter which brought the scientists and that he claims is his family’s ship.

Meanwhile, Doctor Kria has had a busy time, both in and out of sickbay, treating our resident Romulan bartender (who may be more than she appears) for an appendicitis, and treating the Captain’s Attache to dinner at the officer’s club.

Not to be outdone, Special Agent Sinclair has been making time with a Ferengi who just couldn’t resist the allure of the Theyn derelict still sitting in drydock under lock and key.

Speaking of the Theyn Derelict, Lieutenant Angelucci has discovered a strange substance beginning to form on the umbilicals that supply it power from the station.

From the XO:
Dr Tomen Kria has been busy getting to know his coworkers and patients. Especially the pretty Vulcan attaché who has been conducting athropological studies with him.

And baby Yamato is a girl! We look forward to welcoming her on to the starbase soon.

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