SS Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for March 2016

The search for an appropriate vessel for use in and around Outpost Hope One continues under the guidance of Commander Jeyan. They looked over a Miranda Class, an Ambassador, a Nova, but so far the most promising is a previously refit Oberth Class Science/Scout Vessel, USS Hyperion. No firm decision has yet been made. Meanwhile the Seiklon Axel’s own efforts at gaining something to sell amidst the derelict vessels has led them to begin exploring the interior of the Miranda Class, USS Proctor Silex.

In a flash forward series of posts, Captain Elias and his mercenary Gorn, Toraith, have had a boxing match in the ship’s holotheater environment. Toraith trained long and hard watching the Rocky movies, while Captain Elias did several days of training in Axel’s small gym. The match done in the Olympic Boxing style, could have gone to the captain on points, but Toraith’s strength and reach allowed him to get a knockout easily. Medical attention will be required.

The Albatross crew has survived their encounter with Harkon Harth aboard the Tweedle Station and have now headed back to less insane territory, a few crewmembers heavier. Upon returning to the station that they had departed from, XO Icmod Smith rejoined the crew. He had teamed up with Hans Sulu, a man wanted for attempted murder aboard their ship. Together they dealt a blow against the Arvonians on the planet Yaeldra then proceeded back to Setlin to take on the head of the Arvonian Crime Syndicate in person (with an assist from a few Klingons). But now that he is back, the crew can once again determine their next steps.

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