SS Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for April 2016

The Seiklon Axel has retrieved the USS Hyperion and completed delivery to Sentinel Station. In the process the crew also salvaged miscellaneous equipment from the hulk of the USS Proctor Silex, which they now hope to sell at a reasonable profit. In the process they added a set of antigrav bikes and an antigrav truck. These will be useful for those individual or small group excursions. Toraith and Imgres completed a remembrance ceremony for the dead.

Captain Noluk of the Albatross has been given a chance to rebuild connections on Setlin by performing a few errands for a group of Setlin Commerce Guild Members who may or may not be aligned with the majority members. The addition of two Jem’hadar and a series of other new crew members will lend some heft to the crews short crew list. The younger Jem’hadar, the cloned son of the other, has already rubbed Roquel Atrell the wrong way, but both seem to be welcome by the ship’s captain.

Behind The Scenes:

This month we winded down the recovery of the USS Hyperion. It wasn’t the most engaging post, but here’s what else happened. We finished off the Easter related plot proposed by Doug B. There was a competitive moment between Jurlat Varg and Toraith. Captain Elias got tired of Greg Griggles. And we added Tim Tsai back into our player roster. We will be developing ties between Axel and Sentinel Station in May, add new crew, and begin a new plot. There are still players ready to add their talents to Seiklon Axel in May and I am really excited about what that means for us as a group. Only time will tell.

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