SES S’Task Report – May 2015

PLOT SYNOPIS or “What the Frak Happened Last Month Aboard the SES S’Task?”
Nala is now out of the brig and back on duty, but under “house arrest” of a kind. She has been grounded, and cannot fly currently. She continues to try and learn who has framed her for the Riov’s murder. While she did in fact stab him, the wound was superficial. It was the poison that made him bleed so badly that ultimately killed him. A sneaky poison, since treating it actually activated a second effect, causing heart failure.
Nala has teamed up with the new science officer and with the Legion CO to try and back trace the chemistry.
Meanwhile, our new XO has come aboard, and the first person he met was Nala. Hmmmm.  Doesn’t speak well to his life expectancy.
The joint post which concluded with:
[stask] 2415.05.03.01 STSK Nala “More than a father figure, a friend”- Devon and Randy (as Mi’Khail) 
POST HISTORY:   Mar. – 78, Apr. – 132, May – 114
Respectfully submitted,
Commanding Officer
SES S’Task
Executive Officer
SES S’Task

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