SES S’Task Report – Feb. 2015

SYNOPSIS (or “What the Frak Happened Last Month Aboard the SES S’Task?”):
Our missing Legionnaire has now been found, and to ensure her safety, his sister was brought on board as well. Nala is now infiltrating the Orion ship, and sabotaged the transporter to slow her own reinforcements.
The Riov is peeved at Ryn. But he brought an unexpected reinforcement in the form of our new science officer/engineer/R&D specialist.
Before slipping away, Nala and Nails had a bit of a brawl. Neither is all the worse for wear, but then, punches were likely pulled.
Our Chief Sec is lounging in a hot tub with our FCO, but they’ve both gone quiet for some reason.
And the Priestess’ amphora has been found – in a rather unexpected place.
Behind the Scenes:  It’s been another uncharacteristically slow month for S’Task – an increasingly common problem in BL. But now Barry has joined us and there is the possibility of another long-time BL player joining us as well. RL has been hectic for our command team, but life should sort itself out rather soon, and we’re hoping to have the game back to its old form rather quickly.
PLAYER(S) OF THE MONTH:  Sam-  For doing such a great job playing a battered (but not broken) Tyr, and pulling off a very credible impression of a young woman 🙂
Post History:   December – 27, January – 166, February – 38
Respectfully submitted,
Commanding Officer
SES S’Task

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