SES S’Task Monthly Report for October 2017

After Khara and Clone Tyr, of House s’Saren, have left S’Task without an
explanation or a proper goodbye, t’Pal decided to supervise personaly the
retrofit of her previous ship, and much to everyone’s surprise, Nails has
joined her, leaving Ryn without his sidekick.

Meanwhile, after declining the Galae invitaion to return to active duty a
couple of times, Nala had two ranks striped from her and her retirement
pension suspended. So, previous khre’Arrain t’Khellian is back as
Communications Officer erei’Arrain t’Khellian.

After the death of tr’Ximos, and the transfer of the Chief Engineer,
S’Task’s Engineering has a new landlord, Erein Kansar tr’Raith. How long
will tr’Raith last in such a volatile position, uh? Did you know that the
faster way to meet the Elements, beside being S’Task CO is being placed in
charge of engineering?

While tr’Veras is investigating the death of tr’Ximos, Uhlan Latta t’Kota is
tasting how hard the mandatory service can be.

[stask] 2417.10.20.01 STSK Nala/Ryn JP “Miss You” – Dev/Randy

“I couldn’t stay away,” Nala told him, which was true. Nala’s life was
wrapped in lies; To others, to herself, hidden in half truths and necessity.
She could have sent another. Yet it was convenient to return here herself.
Why did she come back? Nala was not even sure herself. She had to, but for
what was the reason? Which reasons were the truth? Which reasons were just
convenient truths and which were lies? Perhaps it did not matter. They all
led her back here to S’Task, which felt right, and uncomfortable at the same
time. – Nala t’Khellian/Devon

Tabitha – for her fantastic portrail of a couple of Bynars.

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