SES S’Task Monthly Report for September 2016

Now that the S’Task and DFA Cromwell have gone their separate ways, the S’Task headed off after the Cromwell, at Sesgaard’s invitation, so that t’Pal could address the admiralty of the DFA. Her words were not made fully public, but the gist was that the RSE supported having the DFA around, and not assimilated into the UFP. For now, at least, the RSE feels the DFA deserves a chance. Plus, of course, it would be easier to fight a war with either the UFP or the DFA, but both as one entity? Perhaps not so easy.

One of the ship’s most interesting friendships seems to have come to an end. Tyr and Nala are now on the outs. Tyr celebrated by locking himself in a holodeck in a survival sim.

The Galae has sent an administrative attache to the S’Task to assist with all that Fleet paperwork. So far, D’Dharvanek and t’Pal are doing their best not to get on each other’s nerves overly much. And the guy has gotten himself more action in his first night aboard than the khre’Riov has in, how many years has it been now?

One good break-up deserves another. The helmsman and the cadet seem to be a non-couple at the moment as well. Wonder if that is forever?

The security officer is trying to bait the command team into killing him silently in his sleep. Stay tuned to see how that goes.

And as the month ended, the S’Task received a distress call from t’Pal’s former ship, a Hunter/Killer. H/K’s don’t usually send distress calls. We’ll have to stay tuned and read October’s report to see how that turned out.


“We are not discussing corrupting my baby sister,” the Legionnaire declared.
by Sam

As always, it was a difficult month to choose a single player. We had some brilliant writings from all players. However, I’d like to single out Mickie, who hit the ground running, writing as if she had never been gone.

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