SES S’Task Monthly Report for September

  • So far the mystery about Laura’s origin continues as does Trael work on mapping the positronic brain of the droid slave
  • Celeste and Tyr had a meeting in the Holodeck but the Legionnaire was quite surprise to see that she did not intend to talk about the Galae, not that he complained at all.
  • A new Orion ship has been detected by S’Task and Nala is out there keeping her eyes on the Orions… just in case she might have some target practise with a moving object.
  • Last but not the least, N’Vek (the new XO) has finally proved that he does have a mind of his own and objected to Celeste’s plans to join the away team on the Orion Ship.
    But will he be up to job to step on her shoes?The Legion took the Orion ship with a minimum of injury. The CO slipped up and called the XO by his first name. On an open channel {facepalm}. This nearly led to a fit of jealously on the part of the Legion CO’s part.
  • Our Chief Science officer and our cadet spent the month away at a science conference, where our cadet indulged in a bit of a … cultural exchange.

Randy and Sam, for the amazing ‘tango’ scene played by Celeste and Tyr during their holodeck dinner.

This man was the CO? He was so young… but then… his ship was very small…
– Sam, speaking of the Cromwell’s CO Carson Sesgaard, played by Devon, who plays t’Khellian here on S’Task.

June – 103
July – 122
August – 57
September – 32

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