SES S’Task Monthly Report for October 2016

The S’Task responded to a stress call from the SES Aehallh – khre’Riov t’Pal’s former posting. They arrived to find many of the crew dead and the XO still alive, but after delivering the message she had been tasked with delivering, her head exploded. t’Pal placed t’Khellian in command of the Hunter/Killer, tasking her with bringing it back up to fighting abilities and commanding her where/when needed. The small ship will attack to the S’Task and be deployed when situations warrant.

t’Pal returned to the ship and she finally gave into her temptation, finding comfort in the arms of a tall, dark, handsome Legionnaire. The next morning she went to breakfast, and then reported to the bridge. And then died. A day of surgery later she is in a medically induced coma, floating in regen gel, with a rather grim prognosis.

No one knew it by month’s end, but our Security Chief’s days are numbered. In single digits.

khre’Riov t’Pal’s new assistant has settled in, and found himself a short-term girlfriend. Wonder if that relationship is fated to last longer than t’Pal’s?

And tr’Aryn, bless his heart, is mourning t’Pal’s near death experience. In his own very personal way.

Oh, and let’s not forget the return of Jaqen, everyone’s favorite holoconstruct. Well, maybe not everyone’s.


2416.10.05.01 STSK tr’Aryn “Alone in the night”
by Dri. Short but sweet.


As always, it was a difficult month to choose a single player. But I have to give Devon props for the way Nala stepped up and took command of the Aehallh. Strong work.

“How Dare you die without sleeping with me?”
(2416.10.07.07) From Dri.

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