SES S’Task Monthly Report for November 2016

The month began with the khre’Riov still in a coma, and the crew deducing that her attacker was a holoconstruct. During the chase, the Chief of Security was killed, and has now been replaced by tr’Uhllo.

Nala, in command of the Aehallh, got herself remarkably drunk, and Tyr gave her a sedative and then dropped her off with her boyfriend, who was a perfect gentleman despite her condition.

The tr’Khev/t’Saren relationship seems to be not as off as it was previously, but there’s still plenty of opportunities for tr’Khev to mess that up.

The month ended with an unlikely partnership – tr’Saren and Jaqen – chasing after the malicious code turned murderer in the S’Task’s main computer.

POST(s) OF THE MONTH: 2416.11.23.01 STSK tr’Ullho/t’Khellian “XXX?”

The ending of a back and forth between Jason and Devon as tr’Ullho and Nala.

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