SES S’Task Monthly Report for May 2017

Our new slave, Cloe, is brought on board and after meeting the Caitian slave master is swiftly set to work shovelling poo in the Menagerie. She has a few interesting run ins with the various strong characters on the S’Task, including being sent on an unfortunate errand by the visiting Terraforming scientist t’Kal. Turns out the Human has a bit of a mouth on her, lets just hope she doesn’t get disciplined too severely.

Galen seems to be very understanding of Khara’s apparent weirdness and the two are getting closer and not just in a physical way. News reports of events from Galen’s past hint at a potential hiccough in the fledgling romance.

Khara has a meeting with the XO. She didn’t action upon any of the monitoring *cough spying cough* he requested and the meeting goes south from there. Given he knows the truth of her personal ‘project’ it’s safe to assume there will be some repercussions.

tr’Saren has not been feeling… quite right. On top of that he discovers that their new Engineer is someone he knew from his childhood. It turns out he was betrothed to t’Ritak as a young man as a part of a contract between their two houses. He went to speak with the Riov about it but was distracted by errant thoughts and ended back in sickbay with glass in his hand. Not being one to avoid dealing with things he goes to speak with Tazia and they end up redefining their contract into more of an allegiance rather than a marriage. This still needs to be approved by the younger Saren, however, who is oblivious to these past entanglements.

The new Security officer tr’Veras has a run in with an Engineer, who promptly faints. Turns out said Engineer has a slight allergy to people with Human biology. Luckily the Doctor takes his confidentiality charge seriously so no one else has figured this particular weakness out (Nor the potential impurity of those affected). Let’s just hope he doesn’t run in with our new slave, eh?

An information request comes in from Starbase Horizon regarding property of House Saren. The Riov sends tr’Khev to dig up what information, which uncovers some details on the lost ship Ra’Makken and a few personal contracts. The Riov seems to feel the need to take a break from the S’Task to update Horizon personally.

tr’Ritak seems to be getting a better grip on the shenanigan’s of Engineering, navigating tr’Ximos’ literal interpretation of orders with some aggression and some diplomatic words. Hopefully will bring a end to the repetitive and pointless reports being sent to Science.

t’Vellar gets invited to a card game down on the fighter deck and takes them up on it. Seems the smoke didn’t suit her lungs, though.

Tal Shiar Supreme Commander takes the Final Honour under the encouragement of a sultry assassin. Rumours abound the Empire and, thanks to t’Vellar from Data Processing, her Flagship of other deaths of key Tal Shiar agents and crew discuss the legend of the ‘Preator’s Handmaiden’. Whatever is happening, it seems like there is shifting of strategy and a replacement of pawns.

Nala t’Khellian, in her retirement, has a surprise visit and is taken back to the heart of the Empire to meet the Praetor himself who seems to want her opinion on who should be the next Tal Shiar head honcho. .. but it seemed the Preator wanted to offer t’Khellian the job. With some whispers it is not clear what the answer was, other than the Preator seemed feel it was better.

We had a Senior Staff Meeting regarding the up coming Terraforming mission, getting the core team members up date. This was expertly derailed by Dr t’Kal who absolutely lives in a universe of her own devising, of which she is the centre. It was at least decided that an away team mission might be required to take samples of the planet prior to launching the Terraforming apparatus. A solution to the test planet’s inconvenient Ion ‘Shroud’ was invented with a joint effort from Science and Engineering.

The S’Task arrived at RUP666 and a testing of the anti-ionization probe was undertaken. The result is a success although perhaps not as broad spreading as desired. An alternative solution might need to be or just a whole lot more probes? Regardless the away team is selected and preps for departure.

2417.05.31.02 STSK t’Ritak “In Rainbows: 15 steps… from where I started.” by Miriah

The aromatic smell reminded her of a more innocent time, before there were trainers, and long before Tazia was aware of her house’s mnhei’sahe going bitter like tea brewed over-long. Miriah as t’Ritak, nominated by Devon

Miriah, for really adding in a lot to the game and for getting so many QOTM/POTM nominations!

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