SES S’Task Monthly Report for May 2016

With the unexpected encounter with the four Romulan ships now over, the Cromwell and the S’Task have licked their wounds and have again started out for the Twin Homeworlds. Given the fact that the Cromwell was attacked while under S’Task’s protection, Riov t’Pal personally presented to Captain Sesgaard and offered him her life. He chose, instead, to take her Honor Blade. He is, clearly, a cruel bastard. Though… maybe not so much as one might think.

It has been discovered that the Rihannsu exchange officer, t’Khaell, never reported back to the Cromwell after the dinner, and then she up and disappeared. She was not alone, however: A Rihannsu pilot and the chief of security have also gone missing. So has a freed Andorian slave and M’Riss, a freed Caitian who was slavemaster.

The acting head of security is now investigating the disappearances, but he’s not making many friends in his attempts so far. In fact, he stunned Nala and trained his weapon on the XO – who was not amused with the man’s impertinence. There may be repercussions. We’ll have to wait and see.


After months of no contact, we have declared Jen, along with her PC and NPCs, to be MIA. We will miss her horribly, and certainly welcome her back with open arms should she ever choose to return. but for now, the game must go on.

We also welcome back AJ and his cadre of characters, most especially t’Chal, the CMO. The Elements know that Mi’Khail could use the help.


2416.05.25.06 STSK Khara “Hahaha–Oh crapsticks, I’m late!”
– By Jason and Sam. Some fantastic character development. It beat out several other nominations as well.


Umm, it’s from a subject. And I, with no small amount of embarrassment, accept this for myself.
From: 2416.05.09.06 RRW t’Pal “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway.”
– As Devon said, “Someone had to go there first….


Again, so many choices – including Jason and Sam, the past two month’s winners. But this month we’re going with Devon. And of all the fantastic stuff Devon has written? This is what earned him the award. (although it ended in June, the bulk of it came in May)

From: 2416.06.02.07 STSK Nala “Didn’t expect that? How about this?”
– Nala hesitated a moment then reached out with her right hand and grabbed Celeste by the collar. She pulled her in close and kissed her. Stepping back with a minimal shove and releasing Celeste Nala said. “You are the Riov. You do not ask, you take.” Nala turned with military precision and walked through the door as it opened.

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