SES S’Task Monthly Report for June 2017

The S’Task has arrived at the planet destined for terraforming (it still bothers me that we call it ‘terraforming’ when we should be ‘Rihanaforming’. But I’m just OCD like that). The shuttle sent down through the temporary hole in the ion layer about the planet has, well, broken into parts. Aboard the S’Task, the fate of the away team is unknown.

On the surface, the two halves of the shuttle landed some ways from each other. While all have survived, thus far, they are not without injuries. Nor dangers.

A rescue team of two – Tyr and Nails – made a very stupid maneuver to get under the ion cloud without (hopefully) suffering the same fate as the shuttle. They have succeeded.

Where we go from here is what we will soon find out.


Game pace has dropped off again, mostly due to the RL busy-ness. Hoping things can pick up again. We did complete the “Flashback Challenge.” There were so very many excellent submissions that, honestly, I can’t say there was a true “winner”. They were all winners. So the three that received the most mention are posted here, and they are in no particular order.

2417.05.26.01 BACKPOST Nala “Nala’s Backstory.” (Devon)
2417.05.25.01 FLASHBACK Trael “Unexpected Destination.” (Barry)
2417.05.25.01 FLASHBACK Tyr/Khara “Rain”

Again, no particular order and honestly, they were all so good, I’m listing the others, too, because they all could just as easily have been above.

2417.05.23.01 FLASHBACK t’Vellar “An Offer”
2399.10.4.1 FLASHBACK i’Traan “To the Capitol” (an honest to goodness Flashback – Jason reposted his second every post to S’Task)
2417.05.25.01 FLASHBACK tr’Khev “Why we fight.”
2417.06.08.01 BACKFLASH tr’Khev/t’Vellar “First Impressions.”
2417.06.16.01 FLASHBACK t’Ritak “Extracurricular Activities.”
2417.06.25.01 FLASHBACK tr’Khllrenz “Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.”

Thank you, all, for your submissions. It was great to learn some of the backstories on the characters. I’m sure we will be doing this again.

2417.06.16.01 STSK tr’Ximos “Data Incomplete.” – Devon

He doesn’t know it, but it’s Sam. So much work and worldbuilding went into this current arc, and while Dri got the ball rolling, it was Sam who took this ball and ran with it. Thank you, Sam.

2417.06.23.01 STSK t’Roberg “Testosterone. It oughta be a controlled substance.” – Randy (Hat tip to Susan Ivanova)

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