SES S’Task Monthly Report for June 2016

S’Task, with Cromwell at her side, have arrived at the Twin Homeworlds. Nearly immediately, Riov Celeste t’Pal was called to the Senate select sub-committee on Galae Oversight. And she has been sequestered. khre’Riov t’Santern made a brief appearance on S’Task and placed Arrain tr’Saren in charge – she likes her discipline, you understand.

Galen and Khara seem to be getting awfully chummy. Thus far Tyr does not know about his little sister’s dalliance. Wouldn’t wanna be Galen when he finds out. Especially if he finds out Galen invited her to a pleasure house. He says it was a ‘misunderstanding’.


Nala has been quite busy. There is intrigue and conspiracy and shadow deals going on. This is her element. She met the former CO of the S’Task, khre’Riov i’Traan. They went for a walk. He may or may not have tried to bunch her panties and then pay her with a coin. Stay tuned.

Ryn and Trael went to see Ryn’s momma. And now, it seems, everyone knows t’Santern is dirty.

Someone met with someone, who may or may not have been the Praetor. And he ‘predicted’ the future which includes the death of a tr’Santern. Now we just have to see if this prediction comes true.

A saboteur pretending (but not very well) to be DFA put a charge on the armory door and the S’Task had to roll to prevent killing folks on the docking ring- making tr’Saren a hero. Saved hundreds of lives in his second day in command of the S’Task. The saboteur was not DFA, however, but was Rihannsu. And clearly without honor.

And Lt Lumper of Starfleet made a friend. A slave kind of friend. And he made promises that might be difficult to keep.

OOC: Busy busy month, with lots of character development and lots of story development. Devon and I had a plan for how this would end – but given all that’s occured, our plan has had to change. It has been outstanding reading all the stories this month. Thank you to the entire crew for all you’ve done and created.

POST(s) OF THE MONTH: I hate doing this, but it was the only post recommended. I just feel icky naming my own post as POTM

2416.06.13.01 TRI t’Pal “Ignorance Is Your New Best Friend”
– By Randy – Celeste t’Pal facing the Senate sub-committee


“With a set of diodes like that, what else was I supposed to think?”
– Jason, as tr’Kota


Again, so many choices – Every single writer deserved consideration this month. I’ve gone with Jason, though. He’s portraying the helmsman, the acting chief of security, but this nod comes from his portrayal of i’Traan. Is the guy crazy? Or crazy like a thrai? It’s too early for me, at least, to tell.

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