SES S’Task Monthly Report for December 2015

Nala has been busy, making friends despite the fact that she doesn’t feel she’ll be alive much longer. Willow has done her utmost to try and convince Nala that’s not the case, but, well, I think we all have learned just how hard-headed Nala can be.

Ryn proposed to Nala. She said not to night. He heard, “not ever.” And he’s not taking it well.

And the cadet and the CSO are doing fantastic things together. Code-breaky things.

NRPG: The current plot will be placed on hold for a bit as the trial gets delayed for new orders. The S’Task and the Cromwell by joining up for a linked storyline, with the S’Task escorting Cromwell to the Twin Homeworlds for… a wedding? Yeah. A wedding. Stay tuned.


There were several nominations for both POTM and QOTM. Posting more than doubled in December, and that included some long JPs (at least one of which is still pending, but should drop soon). Fantastic writing in December, crew. Absolutely fantastic.

2415.12.03.02 STSK Nala/Angel “Nobody’s on Nobody’s Side”
– Devon


“Mr Reynolds is a Human.” She pointed out, grimacing slightly at the drink induced jaw-ache she was suffering. “And was… involved with your daughter.” Who I look like, apparently. Ignore the weirdness

Sam, as Khara, to Mi’khail
– Nominated by Devon


Devon. For his portrayal of a sacrificing Nala, whose intent at sacrifices aren’t being accepted well.

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