SES S’task Monthly Report for August 2017

During the terraforming mission, the away team shuttled breaks into two
halves, landing way from each other. All have survived, but not without
injuries. After a long discussion, N’Vek authorized a rescue mission. Nail
and Tyr’s clone have saved the day bringing everyone back on board.

Meanwhile, tr’Ximos commited suicide by jettisoned himself in space from a
recycle chamber, in front of two slaves, Cloe and Mogh. Will they be blamed
for the death of the engineer? Who knows?

After her arrival from Horizon, t’Pal has asked t’Vellar and tr’Khev to
investigate something. Through t’Pal and tr’Aryn know that their
investigation might lead them to a very big fish, they have agreed to risk
their neck for the good of the Empire, and thus, to bring whoever is behind
the Cerdan cloning initiative to justice.


2417.08.07.01 STSK tr’Khev “Conspiritus interruptus” – Jason

2417.08.26.01 STSK Natir tr’Ximos “Mnhei’sahe” – Dev

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