SES S’Task Monthly Report for April 2017

Posting has picked up considerably, and we have three new players, all due to the hard work of Sam, who blackmailed, er, convinced some friends from other non-Trek sims to come play with us. So far all three have jumped in with gusto and are outstanding writers. So welcome Jenny, Miriah and Adrian!

Where do we even start? Khara and Galen – romance or maybe just lust – is really heating up. Good for the voyeurs in the group.

t’Pal and t’Roberg tracked down Nala and, dammit, she’s not coming back. Not yet, at least. She has, officially, retired.

Tyr is gone. And yet… he’s back. And… kinda cranky. He and t’Furhon – who is also now back – made something of a mess of each other and sickbay. Dr. tr’Khllrenz is not amused, children.

We have a new security officer (tr’Veras), a new chief engineer (t’Ritak), and a new slave (Anderson). We’re all interested to see how long this chief engineer goes without tr’Ximos’ knives coming out. She seems to have settled into her new position, including fancy tea set and has already assisted Science with some of their endeavours. tr’Veras has been tasked as being the liaison between Security and the Legion who are working together to secure the ship. He also bumped into tr’Ximos and managed to make the engineer pass out…? And Cloe Anderson’s faulty shuttle was luckily (or not) stumbled upon by the khre’Riov and she has been assumed as property for the Empire.

We have scientists – Terraformers (shouldn’t that actually be ‘Rihanha-formers?’) on board. Including the XO’s daughter (hmmmm. Wonder what happens when some guy tries to treat her like the XO treats, well, all women?). The S’Task has been tasked to assist the esteemed Scientists with their project and is en-route to a planet selected as a test site. Some work is being done on the way to try and deal with the potential issue of an ion storm that shrouds the entire planet.

Dr t’Kal waved a servant over to get Khara food. A’Rhea’s Mollusks came out around the same time as the girl came out of her own shell. Having t’Saren on board with t’Kal’s may help in getting the nearly comatose daughter of the subcommander to engage her mind. – Devon as t’Kal (Nominated by Drika)

Miriah, Adrian and Jenny, for jumping into the strange, dangerous and potentially overwhelming world of S’Task with enthusiasm and great writing. Oh and for all your great questions. Welcome guys!

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