SES S’Task Monthly Report for April 2016

S’Task returned the favor, hosting the senior crew of the DFA Cromwell. Only it didn’t go all that well. Some verbal sparring became rather testy. Tempers flared, slights were perceived (real or imagined) and then… well an Orion distress call interrupted the entire shebang and the crew of the Cromwell went home. Most of them, anyway.

Violence ensued as four cloaked Rihannsu type vessels were found laying in wait. Despite their distinct tactical advantage, the four dealt surprisingly little damage to the Cromwell and S’Task.

The S’Task cloaked, and moved about in ways the Cromwell didn’t expect. Were they being dishonest, sneaky Romulans? Or was there a plan in place?

The Riov got to see some of her newer crewmembers in action – and for the most part that turned out well. But for one, at least, there has been a hint at discipline to come.


“I’m sure it’ll buff out, Rekkhai,” Galen replied, already focusing on the next Orion.
– Jason, as Galan (nominated by Devon)


Again, so many choices – including Jason. But instead, I’m giving the nod to Sam. His portrayal of Khara and her benign innocence – and her first time on the bridge in a battle – and at the same time Tyr and his understated reticence…. Such a fine dichotomy, and both played so very, very well.

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