Seiklon Axel Report – May 2015


The Seiklon Axel reached the USS Picatiny and the marine boarding of the ship commenced as planned.  An unexpected addition to the grand plan was that the Axe’ls EMH was transmitted aboard.  Ernie helped make the takeover of the Picatiny far easier than it otherwise might have been.  Axel took damage from the Picatiny, while it was in Tactical Assault Mode.  Since then, the Axel has begun its return to Starbase Phoenix for repairs, once again.  They are being escorted by auxiliary vessels from the station.  Aboard Axel, the captain and crew are dealing with the damage to both environmental systems and the cargo area.  
The SS T’mur has been abandoned in space following its takeover by a virulent nanotech invasion.  The surviving crew is now trying to make its way out of the Purple Nebula in a Type 9 shuttle-craft.  Captain Noluk now has to deal with the loss of his ship and the possibility of a very difficult journey inside such a small vessel.  A journey that could take a week or more.
Behind The Scenes:

We’ve officially concluded our Crossover with Starbase Phoenix, but will continue to work in a related capacity with the station whenever appropriate for our story line.  More work has been done on the replacement for the Seiklon Axel, which should occur this month.  I want to thank Jonathan Moore for coming back to work his magic to create new artwork for our ship.  We now have a deck layout for the majority of the new vessel.   Once again, thanks!

Player of the Month:  
Our player of the month award goes to Ken Cousino this time around.  Ken has done a nice job with his multiple characters, keeping them active and an integral part of the stories for both Axel and T’mur.  Thanks, Ken.
Quote of the Month:  “I feel special,” Dvir told him, with an exaggerated monotone. “They nearly got us all killed, now they’re going to protect us quite well, after the threat has been neutralized.” Gotta love Starfleet. Very good at handling the crisis. Once the crisis was over.
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Monthly Report, (Short Form)
written by Rich L.

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