Seiklon Axel Report – June 2015


The Seiklon Axel’s engineer, Greg Griggles, surprised Captain Gorgon with his ingenuity and hard work and managed to get the craft back to Starbase Phoenix.  Once there, the crew began to gather the salvaged goods from the Juros Rossi for sale, but something unexpected was on the horizon.  Commander Hughes had put a word in with Admiral Leval to help find Paul Gorgon a newer ship.  After some intense back and forth, Gorgon decided to consider the proposal and set off to inspect the USS Costner, a Multi Purpose Vessel that had been in use for several years as a colony support ship.    Captain Gorgon has chosen to keep his crew in the dark about all of this until he is entirely sure.
Aboard Axel, Ops Manager, Alton Woodward has decided to give up bridge duty and has begun grooming newcomer Toby Anderson for the position.  AND, science specialist Crok has found something in the cargo that ‘s even BETTER than they could have imagined.  
Elsewhere, the crew of the SS T’mur has found a ship within the Purple Nebula.  With little choice other than to spend weeks in a shuttle, the group has decided to risk investigating.  Captain Noluk, Chief Engineer Ifay Lucan, and Tactical Specialist Shee Tprell beamed into the unknown craft.  Meanwhile, their colleagues wait outside.  Is the ship safe?  Will it provide the refuge they need?  Only time will tell.
Behind The Scenes:

This month has been crazy as we’ve worked hard to change our direction as a group.  We’ve developed stories that allow us to change out BOTH of our regular vessels for something fresh!  As far as I know, we are now the only group making use of this unique design by Kevin Brown.  Jonathan Moore has brought it to life with stunning new deck plans, based on my own ideas of the ships purpose and layout.  Our website has been updated to reflect all these changes.  What a great month!  Thanks guys!  

Player of the Month:  I flaked again and didn’t select one.  Love ya all!
Quote of the Month:  Gorgon:   “If I’ve got the slightest hint you’re trying to pull one on me, I’m out.”

Coccoid:  “ALemonSir?  ICanAssureYouThatTheShipIsNotATerranFruitAtAllIHaveInspectedTheVesselAndDidConcludeThatItWasInFactAStarshipThatWasCapableOfWarpSpeeds.”

Post History:  April – 115, May – 90, June – 72

Active Players – 9     Player List

Monthly Report, (Short Form)
written by Rich L.
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