Seiklon Axel Report – Jan. 2015


The Seiklon Axel has escaped the mercenaries that were sent to bring them in.   With damage to their vessel, the crew set off to the UFP station, Starbase Phoenix.  Once their, they immediately made contact with a survivor from a recently destroyed freighter, the Juros Rossi.   He may hold information of use for a possible salvage opportunity for Axel and her crew.  In the meantime, a few repairs are still in order.

Our second vessel, the SS Tmur has headed off for Magellan’s Point, a rogue planetoid in the purple nebula.  Little do they know, the nanites that effected a vessel that they had recently interacted with are making changes within the ship.  But, to what end.  

Both vessels have experienced crew changes recently and a lot of player interaction have taken place set up the new relationships that are forming.  


Behind The Scenes:

Seiklon Axel welcomes Justin P. to our group.  He’s already shown a detail oriented style that I’m sure will be of benefit to all of us.   Axel’s plot kicked off a crossover between the writers of Seiklon Axel and Starbase Phoenix.  We’re really looking forward to the interactions that are sure to come.

Post History:  Nov. -97, Dec. – 32,  Jan. – 109

Active Players – 8     Player List

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