Seiklon Axel Report – Feb. 2015


Captain Gorgon has sought the help of the able engineers aboard Starbase Phoenix to help repair damage in the engineering section of the ship.  Station engineer Chak has given priority to the repairs, so hopefully they won’t take too long.  Meanwhile, the Axel’s own engineering team is working through its own dysfunctional issues.  Chief Engineer Griggles has been getting on everyone’s nerves.  Will it stop before he gets let go?  Or will his skills surface sufficiently to make it bearable?

The shuttlecraft Zola with Dvir and Toby Anderson aboard are investigating the site of the destruction of the freighter Juros Rossi.  They are unaware that someone else is already there.  

The SS Tmur has been experiencing more problems caused by their unintended guests, the nanites.  
Behind The Scenes:The crossover with Phoenix is proceeding comfortably and characters from both groups are getting to know one another.  This month we welcome Trinity B. to our group.  

Post History:  Dec. – 32,  Jan. – 109, Feb. – 70

Active Players – 9     Player List

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