Seiklon Axel Report – Apr. 2015


Captain Gorgon and his small yet intrepid crew have been approached by the XO of Starbase Phoenix to assist them in an errand of highest importance.  The CO of the station, Captain Tora, is still being held by pirates who are torturing him for information and they have in their possession the captured Starfleet vessel USS Picatiny.   Paul Gorgon has decided to help them in exchange for certain concessions that would help the Seiklon Axel grow it’s business interests in the area surrounding the station.  
With only one day’s preparation the Axel has taken to space with a group of Starfleet ships acting as distant escort.  The plan is to set Axel up as a sort of Trojan Horse, lulling the the pirates into a false sense of security, while unbeknownst to them, carrying a boarding party of Starfleet Marines.  
The Axel’s own crew is trying to stay out of the way and pick through the take from the destroyed freighter Juros Rossi.  There are several new crew aboard and THEY are trying to find their place aboard the closely knit group of Axel regulars.
Elsewhere, the SS T’mur is still fighting against a takeover by nanobots.  At this point, it looks like it could be a lost cause.  But if there is any hope, its stalwart crew will defend her.  
Behind The Scenes:

 It’s been a month of both positives and negatives.  The teamwork between Phoenix and Seiklon Axel has been strong.  Thanks Phoenix for keeping a good story on the boards.  On the other hand, some of Axel’s characters integration into the story line has stalled.  I would like to remind them that there are TWO stories to write and that there is plenty of room for all.  If there are questions, just ask.   We also had Charlotte C. on LOA for part of this month.  She’s back, now, and that’s much needed.

We are progressing towards changing over from the current Seiklon Axel to an all new vessel that has caught the attention of many.  We’re excited about the upcoming change.  An invitation has gone out for help with graphics design.  I’m looking for an MSD and a logo at this point.
Player of the Month:  I want to tip my hat to Justin P. this month.  He has tried to work on his character both in the Axel plot AND the Phoenix plot.  Keep up the good work, Justin.
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Monthly Report, Short Form
written by Rich L.

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