Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for September

The Seiklon Axel has arrived at Xani IV, where they are to recover the freighter Rapong. Aboard ship, new and old crew members are interacting to learn each other’s ways. Varg and Quidano took it upon themselves to do a manual weapons inspection, which drew the immediate attention of the captain. And, the doctor continued wooing not one, but both of the ship’s stewards. Now the serious stuff begins. A an old rocket style vessel was on seen at the Rapong, when the Axel arrived, but then immediately departed upon arrival of our ship. Why were they there? And, what can we expect to find aboard the Rapong? Valeria is prepping her Delta Class Flyer to take a team aboard to find out.

Elsewhere, The Albatross is enroute to make it’s first delivery. Little do they know, that a Siridon Arms manufacturing facility is along their path and that could spell trouble for the crew. Also, Hans is under pressure by the Arvonian Syndicate to eliminate Mary, who had previously worked for Zar Griffen.

Behind The Scenes:
Still planning has proceeded at a good pace and I’m confident that our story will be told! I’m still happy as ever with this group of writers. Thank you all so much. Oh, and lest I forget, Sam Jones and David Wurnig are back and ready to lend a hand with future mayhem. WELCOME BACK!

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