Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for October

A team from Axel has boarded the SS Rapong. Gorgon, Dream, Quidano, Varg, and Griggles are investigating the ship for both structural damage and signs of occupancy, before they begin the tow that they were hired for. Some noises within the ship have led our group to believe that they are not alone, but the presence of massive amounts of magnesite has made scanning nearly impossible

The remainder of Axel’s crew are collecting magnesite that has spilled from the freighter due to a breech in a container near the vessel’s engines. The ship’s cargo drones, nicknamed ‘gophers’, are being employed for the first time at generally good effect. There could be something of a learning curve here, but so far, no problems have arisen.

Imgres, the ship’s Environmental Tech (E.T. –a personal joke of mine), has developed a severe bacterial eye infection, leaving him effectively blind. With the help of ship’s steward, Christina Monroe, he has made his way to the ship’s medical bay and Dr. Berel. What is the cause of this infection? So far, there are no conclusions. It’s difficult enough being a Scrib in human company, but being a blind Scrib is much more complicated. Luckily Ms. Monroe is there to calm him.

The SS Albatross has problems of its own. Its course has taken it within sensor range of a secure facility held by Siridon Arms Incorporated. While his ship was being escorted away by SAI fighters, Captain Noluk inexplicably ordered a scan of the system. Now, the Albatross has been halted and boarded so that SAI teams can purge any data retrieved from their system. Will this be enough to satisfy their secretive nature?

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