Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for November 2015

Axel’s crewmembers aboard the SS Rapong have encountered a woman, who has taken off in flight through the freighters interior. In order to stop her, she had to be stunned and now the question arises…Was she alone? It doesn’t seem likely. But in order to take the Rapong in tow, the ship’s hull breach must be patched. That means that the attention of the various crew aboard are going to have to divide their attentions and their numbers as they look for other people aboard and repair the ship simultaneously.

The source of Imgres’ bacterial infection has been discovered. Apparently his entire food supply has been contaminated with a bacteria that reacts very badly with his optic system. For a creature with three eyes…dat ain’t good. But it got worse! Imgres has very specific dietary requirements and traditional FOOD doesn’t work. Fortunately Dr. Berel has a solution. It may not be good, but anything beats starvation.

We have also taken a look back at an discussion between Dvir and Alton about ships, wildlife, and how to come up with a better name for the Kobali shuttle that is aboard. Who knew that Alton Woodward was so into naming things. Maybe he’s forgotten the old name due to senility. (Just kidding!)

In another area of the sector, the SS Albatross has seen its situation go from bad to insane. First, Roquel took it upon herself to shoot one of the SAI boarding party, then Captain Noluk went ballistic on the Andorian XO of the SAS Deliverance who commanded it. Meanwhile, the THC Morningstar has entered the area and a dispute over the rightful ownership of that vessel has cropped up between the captain’s of the Morningstar and the Deliverance. Unbeknownst to the Deliverance crew, the Morningstar IS NOT alone. This could come down to a shootout and the Albatross COULD BE caught in the middle.

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