Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for January 2016

The Seiklon Axel has delivered the Rapong to the ore processing facilities at Antwerp. Captain Paul Ilias Gorgon has had himself declared dead to avoid further pursuit by the Arvonian Syndicate or the Setlin Guard. He has taken the name Elias as his only identifier. Upon arriving at Antwerp he had the choice…the chance, to leave the Gorn named Toraith behind, but instead he has chosen to retain him for his muscle and his ferocity. Axel’s pilot, Dvir has finally admitted to being half Romulan/half Human with no Vulcan heritage. This was quickly accepted and dismissed as irrelevant by the Captain. The mercenary known has Dream has left the Seiklon Axel taking her Delta Class Shuttle with her. Axe’s remaining shuttle, of Kobali design, has been rechristened “The Swift”, an apt name for a vessel renowned for its incredible high warp capability (strongly alluded to in the Voyager episode “Ashes to Ashes”).

Elias, Bresa, and Christina Monroe have discussed the ship’s next venture, the search for a ship to be delivered to Starfleet’s Outpost Hope One.

Icmod Smith has left the Albatross crew to track down Hans Sulu, the ship’s security officer who visciously attacked another member of the crew. In the meantime, Captain Noluk and the rest of his merry band have took another freight run to station PDQ-8, operated by the Tweedle Queendom somewhere near the Hnarn Supremacy. Prince Harth has graciously extended an invitation to Noluk and his crew to join him for tea.

Behind The Scenes:

The new vessel for Outpost Hope One will be resourced through the plot which begins on Seiklon Axel in February.

I want to highlight Doug B. this month and his character Toraith Bogees. Doug is new to us and to our form or role play but he has struck out strong and appears willing to make the adjustment. Toraith is a Gorn and he was a prisoner aboard the bounty hunting vessel Snark when we found him. His father is a Duke, royalty among the Gorn. He’s a savage and a brute AND YET we welcome him aboard Seiklon Axel. Doug has proposed the plot for Albatross and we are working with him to bring it to fruition. Live Long and Prosper, Doug.

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