Seiklon Axel Monthly Report for February 2016

The Seiklon Axel has headed for the Omicron Shipyards to help Sentinel Station’s Commander Jeyan source out a retired vessel for use in and around the Hope One Dyson Sphere. The meeting between Captain Elias and Commander Jeyan went fairly smoothly, though each of them sized up the other to determine what kind of relationship they could expect during the mission. The captain is also preparing for a boxing match with the Gorn Toraith, who seems to be dead set upon being crowned the toughest member of the crew. The ship’s XO, Bresa Voci, is being nurtured to become a stronger presence on the bridge.

On the Tweedle station, PDQ-8, Prince Harkon Harth has surprised the Albatross crew by insisting that selling themselves was part of the deal that they’d made. Uninterested in a life of servitude to a madman, Roquel attempted to create a diversion with the use of a homemade explosive device. After experiencing incredibly intense hallucinations due to Harth’s drug laced hookah, the crew stumbled into the corridor only to be captured by the Prince’s personal guard, the Cardsmen. The trio from the Albatross were thrown into a white room with some Klingon’s who were being tortured by a Cronin warrior and a couple of El-Aurians. One of the two claimed to once go by the name Lewis Carroll. Now Captain Noluk and his crewmates are about to be sentenced for Destruction of property, assault on a member of the royal family , and not finishing their tea.

Featured Player:

This month I want to give thanks to Kevin Marshall who has been my longest running XO. Kevin has been a great support to me in plot creation, story telling, and general brainstorming. He has been a part of this group since March 2011, which means that as i write this he is celebrating 4 years with Seiklon Axel and Borderlands. Thanks for the contribution of your time and talent Kevin.

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