Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for september 2017

Seket met with the captain of the Kinat’Nu. She ordered him to carry cargo to Cardassia Prime. Her team within the Sphere managed to extract Builder technology. Timari warmed to Seket and offered to bring back the same quality of supplies back to the Sphere from her family.

Pleg’s plans had gone awry. His merchant association died a quiet death. The silver lining was that Delmo was under investigation and no longer a competitor. He bellowed for his son after the youth left the table without permission. Lirka gently defended their son. Pleg softened under his wife’s attention.

Pleg moved through the promenade with purpose. He sought out Husar. Their last venture to organize shopkeepers on the Promenade fell apart and Husar was left with the bill. Pleg was willing to gift half of the profit from his next venture to the woman. Pleg was in possession of self-sealing stembolts and needed a trader to take them to the surface. Husar immediately started an inventory of useless commodities to bulk up the shipment. Pleg wanted a legitimate trade to ingratiate himself to the Gatrubbian government. Husar mocked him as wearing a Federation uniform. Her contact had a good reputation among Cardassians and the Federation. She gave him the name Timari; captain of the Kinat’Nu.

Pleg approached the Kinat’Nu on Deck 39 to establish a rapport with the Gatrubbians. Timari did not greet Pleg in person. Name-dropping Husar did not give Pleg any credibility. Anyone working with Husar was presumed guilty; out to steal and swindle. Pleg reassured the captain that his honest reputation was the reason for seeking him out.

Seket convinced Ashon-Milyo to have a meal with her. It would be his first time in a Cardassian restaurant. They admired the traditional architectre as Seket intimidated the staff. She reassured the governor that despite it’s brusque tone, she was being polite. Ashon-Milyo was content to drink water and chew cud.

Mirel agreed to a tour of Oka, the Gatrubbian capital city. Ashon-Milyo was excited to visit Oka and to open negotiations with the Kharians. Mirel shut that down immediately and deferred to Colonel Stoneclaw. The shuttle to the Sphere was set to depart the following morning. Graven Larant eagerly awaited the arrival of the government shuttle carrying Commander Mirel, Governor Pro Tempore Ashon-Milyo and chief scientist Lieutenant Commander Favor. The spaceport had finished construction weeks earlier and made entirely out of dismantled ships. The Gatrubbian government official explained that Oka means ‘home’ in their language and a fitting name for the capital of their settlement. The next major infrastructure project would be an undergrond mass transit system. Their expertise in geology was lost after generations of space travel. The station commander offered all needed assistance of the Starfleet’s Corps of Engineers. Mirel waived off an offer of payment. Governor Ashon-Milyo wanted to discuss further trade. Grown agricultural products were in demand aboard the station’s civilian population. After the Great Exodus, the idea of corporations became foreign. Mirel strongly recommended Federation economists provide guidance as the Gatrubbians moved to a free economy. The conversation turned to the separation of the Gatrubbian people.

A Q named Quill materiazed a room of spectators as he observed the Hope One Dyson Sphere. He shook the Sphere with his hands.

Lieutenant Commander Favor was the first to feel the tremor. Oka shook. The trade mission took cover as best they could. There was no history of quakes within the sphere. Commander Mirel called for immediate assistance from Sentinel Station. The dispatch centre for the settlement’s security and safety was being overwhelmed. A tall building collapsed into an adjacent building. Several hundred were presumed injured. They made their way to the nearby government operations centre. While enroute the station commander offered immediate help with large-scale support from USS Daystrom. The first thing she needed was a place to land the scores of incoming craft carrying supplies.

Ensign Serota was found by an out-of-breath crewman to inform her of a quake within the Dyson Sphere. The young ensign ran for the first shuttle leaving Sentinel Station for Oka. She managed to find an open seat next to Lieutenant Avinbruch. The last time she had to rush to the Sphere, she ended up sitting on a crate aboard with Avinbruch in the pilot’s seat.

Toraith’s mother boarded the Dahk’let as part of the Gorn delegation. She questioned why they had been out of contact for so long. Duke Faritha pleaded that he had been assimilated. Bresa silenced Quidano; insulting a Klingon was expected but insulting a Gorn could lead to lost limbs. One of the Gorn grabbed his belly and moaned. Klang, Dahk’let’s captain sensed danger and whisked the Axel crew out of the cargo hold. Moritha turned to the agonizing Gorn. Becko quickly moved in to disembowel the him. Against Toraith’s protests, he was pulled through a hatch and Klang ordered sheilds raised. Momentarily the ship rocked from an explosion. Moritha, bait for her son and husband, was killed in the explosion along with the conspirators and members of Dahk’let’s crew. Toraith picked Captain Klang four inches off the floor who unsheathed his dk’tahg and held it to the Gorn’s neck. Targa fired a disruptor at his captain who went limp in Toraith’s hands.

Elias watched the Dahk’let’s cargo module flashed and spewed shrapnel and bodies. Seiklon Axel lost power under the persistent Gorn attack. A Gorn ship opened fire on the Seiklon Axel. Elias could feel his skin burning from the aciton weapon used by the Gorn. The last few members of the crew aboard made for the workbees as makeshift escape pods. The pulse phaser cannons did what little they could. He had one weapon left, the Axel itself.

Targa took command of the ship. The Axel crew filled stations as best they could. They were facing off against a Gorn Draguas-class cruiser. Bresa had assigned Xin the gunner’s position which she quickly gave up to Toraith and took the spotter station. Kalo looked forward to the glorious battle with Axel’s motley crew. Quidano handed the Duke a small data card slipped to him by Lady Moritha. Xin saw a workbee escape Axel. It was occupied but the sensor resolution was too poor to identify it’s occupant. The Dahk’let began with a straffing run of the Gorn cruiser. Axel self-destructed causing heavy damage to the Gorn ship. A second work bee was detected through the anti-matter static. Targa demanded every bit of energy to the forward disruptor. The Klingons and Gorn aboard Dahk’let fought amongst themselves brandishing weapons. The Draguas-class cruiser turned away from the Klingons but Kalo kept the ship squarely aimed at the retreating cruiser. One last disruptor blast vapourized the Gorn ship.

Toraith and Faritha sat in the empty mess hall. Toraith had destroyed those responsible for his mother’s death. Gromo, Toraith’s brother was no responsible for the false charges. It was Dunde, Gromo’s son who had aspirations for the Gojari estate. Klang demanded Bresa, his crew and Targa be thrown off the ship. Axel’s shuttle was capable of Warp 2 and he was confident they’d find their way to Gromo. Bresa piloted the Clydesdale to one of Gornar’s moons. Targa, exiled from his own ship, modified the warp signature to something more like a Lisepian supply ship.


Debby stepped back from OH1. We thank her for the years she’s written with OH1 and Borderlands.

The new OH1 short novel “New Enterprise” was posted. The crew of SS Albatross take one a seemingly simple mission that does far more than tug on the crew’s heartstrings.

Anna-Maria rode out Hurricane Irma. Rich helped distract her and she came through unscathed.

Captain’s Logs as far back as 2012 are now online.

Doug was a very involved behind the scenes. Axel has been helping it’s Gorn crewman for the last few months. It was not a smooth ride and several characters were killed in the process. It was a really interesting story. Well done, Doug.

Player of the Month

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Banter of the Month

Pleg was soothed by both her touch and her wisdom, but still he needed to tease her. With all politeness, he said. “I thought you said it wasn’t your place to tell me how to run my business.”

She turned her head slightly away, but smiled. “I am not a perfect wife.”

–Rich with a bit of banter between Pleg and Lirka. Always enjoyable seeing the Pleg family’s home life

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