Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for September 2016

Captain Elias Pigg contacted Nort to discuss returning Toraith and Varg to his ship. Toraith and Varg were in custody after they boarded ‘Winbals Pride’. They and Nort were blamed for the disappearance of it’s captain and the self-destruction of the ship. The interrogation did not uncover any evidence. After un-confusing Rule 59 with 112, all of the suspects stopped answering questions. Nort offered to negotiate their relase for a price. Pigg put the blame on the Ferengi who cut the channel, cut his losses and left Sentinel.

Quidano went to collect Toraith from the Federation Security office. He was on edge given his own past. The station’s intelligence officer was immediately suspicious and stated that Toraith would be extradited to Gorn to face tax fraud charges. Quidano briefly considered a prison break but decided to negotiate the release of his crewman. Back aboard ship, Toraith was willing to give up a belt won in hand-to-hand competition. After a pep talk, Toraith exclaimed he would be the stick to Elias’ carrot. The Gorn’s ban from the station was left to be discussed at a later time.

Elias reviewed his crew turnover after firing his Sheliak engineer, Varg walking away without a word and two bad deals with Ferengi. He was reserving judgement on Chase McKinner, his new deck chief. Imgres was promoted to chief engineer under Bresa’s watchful eye. The Scrib had learned the ship’s operations under four chief engineers and was glad to take over the reigns. The staff meeting melted away leaving Elias and Bresa discussing business opportunities within the refugee Gatrubbian fleet.

Fred Bliss woke up in an empty science lab aboard Sentinel Station. He examined publicly available files to get his bearings. He had died in one dimension and appeared in this one.

Fred Bliss paid a visit to Andre’s shop for a business transaction. Andre kept his phaser pointed at the unannounced guest as a precaution. Fred knew another Andre and was right to assume both had similar business interests. Fred offered a diamond encoded with information. It was to be transmitted through Andre and a second arms-length party to the intended recipient.

Athena Theophilus arrived on the station and went directly to Commander Mirel’s office. The CO was understandably confused to see the twin of her Chief of Operations. Athena sensed a shift in perception aboard the station and knew it was the arrival of Fred Bliss. Mirel could only act according to her own memory. Fred was taken aback that any could sense his dimensional shifts. He was running experiments without oversight from Commander Favor.

Kadra called Seket on the variety of non-Cardassian goods in her shop. The latter believed it to be a prank by Husar and offered to dunk Kadra’s head in a pot of coffee. The confused background, unintentional and intentioned respectively, of both women reflect the complexity of Cardassian society. Kadra’s statement of being Seket’s cousin was taken as an accusation. Kadra compared their mitochondrial DNA and verified that they were, in fact, family. Kadra left the shop, crossed path with a local Ferengi whose offer of assistance was immediately followed up with questions. Kadra beamed away without providing any answers. Seket was unable to track down Kadra after a prolonged search.

Pleg and Lirka shared a lovely meal at Sushi Bar. They sat at the Chef’s Table. It was a comedy of errors between the slapstick in the kitchen and the distate of Ferengi eating habits.

Ariana flirted with Farmer who was able to squeeze her into a Runabout ride to the sphere. She was willing to fit in anywhere, even the pilot’s lap if it would get her a ride back to the lava fields. Ariana and Kery beamed down the sphere to begin their own studies. Kery had been shuttled from place to place to examine the suitability for the Gatrubbian settlement. Ariana was looking to make contact with the Lacosians. On an earlier trip, she had befriended a few members of the High Chorus and was looking for their help again in suppressing the Kharian threat. Kery was excited to meet a real, live Lacosian and tagged along as Ariana moved into the sphere’s interior.

Ariana had a shard of yellow crystal which she hoped could summon a Lacosian. Kery watched a blank wall while Ariana whistled into the shard of crystal. Toff came through the wall and spoke to Aer-EE-Anna and repaired her broken yellow crystal. She asked for Sazz by name and after some hesitation, the young Lacosian worker relayed the geologists message to the High Lord of the Lacosian Chorus. She had come across the crystal in her lab while going over rock samples.

Ensign Sinclair made her presence known on the station by inadvertantly releasing a autonomous program into the computer. It was quickly contained. It went better than her meeting Commander Mirel for the first time as she backed out of a Jeffries tube directly in front of the station commander.

Captain Noluk checked in on his new engineers Mike Atlas and Zeno.

Captain Elias decided to formally register Seiklon Axel so that he could be short-listed for Federation shipments in and around Sentinel Station. It would be the first time he would legitimately fly the Federation flag. Commander Theophilus had a shipment ready. Axel departed after loading cargo from Sentinel. Dvir plotted a course that would advertise their services to the Gatrubbian fleet. Bresa provided what information he could about ship configurations.

As the Gatrubbian fleet moved past the station, a few individuals boarded the station. Bresa sat with Ligshuk. Ligshuk explained that after teh Sohourn disappeared, their planet was destroyed by war. The Gatrubbians were eager to settle in one place and begin a new chapter for their people. Later strolling through the Promenade Bresa purchased a souvenir from Pleg for his friend. Bresa disputed the authenticity of the crystals but purchased them nonetheless.

Emporer Altus Gret’ak blew a door off it’s hinges to reach the Johvan Senate chambers and address those present. He had a message of solidarity amongst children of the Builders against the Federation and all outsiders.Senators were divided on their reaction; some took Altus at his word while others expeccted to be once again under the Kharian jackboot. The emporer brushed away concerns by reminding those present that the Builders were long gone and the Johvan had clung to their past for too long.

Lieutenant Colonel Gravor reviewed the disposition of the Kharian Imperial Army with OH1’s tactical officer. While working on a defence plan, they saw the Kharian Emperor appear on the floor of the Johvan Senate. Kharian ground forces were still in position as far as they could tell. Somehow a small cadre of soldiers slipped through the marine cordon. The treaty with the Johvan limited the colonel’s armed response.

Commander Mirel and Lieutenant Colonel Gravor of the Stoneclaw met to discuss the Gatrubbian Decision. The Liberators would receive significant reinforcements to support the 200 million-strong Gatrubbian community given settlement rights within the Hope One Dyson Sphere. In light of the Kharian Emperor’s installment, the fleet would take a circuitous route to their settlment point. If the quarantine of the Kharians failed, those assets would be necessary to supress the Imperial Army from sweeping into Johvan territory.

Camp Sierra is the 21st’s base of operations at the Kharian shield wall. Command Sergeant Major Zhao welcomed Ensign Sinclair and Chief Petty Officer Eiwan to the camp disguised in Marine uniforms. The two women were to reinforce the shield wall despite the threat by the Kharian Emperor. Failing that, they would convert the shield generators to the camp’s defence.

The Kharian Emperor was true to his word and transferred the fund to repair the damage caused to the Johvan Senate building. His previous transfer was held up by security protocols keeping him out of the Imperial Treasury. With bank-to-bank transfers troublesome, Emperor Gret’ak decided to pay in hard currency, a cache of latinum at a set of coordinates outside the quarantine wall.

Senator Larking continued to explore the Cardassian farm. He was no closer to uncovering what the Cardassians were up to after hours of wandering and conversing with Seket. Zabu were dying off. It may be part of the hidden mystery of the farm or incompetence as proved by Seket’s complete lack of farming knowledge. The unknwon disease did not seem to affecting the people.

Sergeant Mitchell met with a Gatrubbian representative at the site of the future colony. It was forty square kilometres of borderline arable land. The Gatrubbians would purchase seed and livestock from the Johvan, species native to the sphere, before introducing the crops they’d been growing aboard ship for the previous 300 years

The first ship of the Gatrubbian migration landed within the sphere. It’s crew and passengers breathed fresh, un-recycled air.

A fight between Icmod and Roquel was interrupted by unsual gravitational effects. Albatross reached its destination with Icmod noticing the stars out of position; 900 years of drift. Over planet Carroll was a station clearly based on Federation technology but millions of times the expected power output. A fighter squadron escorted the freighter to the station. When word about the Saints spread, the crew of Albatross had to be escorted to their meeting with the Commission.

Noluk and Icmod met with Ligshuk Voci, the commander of Crossroads Station. Voci was skeptical about Albatross travelling through time. On reaching the station, Noluk would meet with the Emergency Administration.

Noluk listened to the prophecy describing Crossroad Station being sent to the past to save the future. It also indicated the Ending of Endings. Small items had been passed from generation to generation including a uniform patch from T’mur’s captain.

Captain Carpenter noticed the rag-tag crew of the Albatross aboard Crossroads Station. The clue was Zeno, 400 years young. Past Zeno received a message from Future Zeno. The latter greeted friends he had known 900 years earlier. Icmod was tickled by the prospect of a drink named after himself. Zoss was shrouded in the corner until Zeno asked him to join them. In the prevailing years, the Jem’Hadar had grown into their own civilization distinct from their Dominion origins. Zeno explained that the Gatrubbians, too, since their settlement in the sphere had expanded into an empire on par with the Federation.

Zeno explained about the Mother entity. Starfleet Intelligence published a report, dated 3309, outlining all knowledge of the Mother entity.

Just before parting, Zeno revealed that their presence was expected to complete the loop of time that was historical record in Future Zeno’s time.

A Commission meeting aboard Crossroads brought home the shortage of transport necessary to evacuate the station for it’s planned return to 2416. The outlier scouts were pulled back for the stations defence against the Mother entity. It would take three weeks to evacuate the station. One of the stumbling blocks was a 72-hour quarantine to ensure those coming aboard were not infected. Entire ships could be lost during the two-week transit to Signus.

The Council met to discuss sending Crossroads to the past to fulfill history as it’s residents knew it.

A round table discussion in 3316 reflected on the history of the war against the Mother entity. It sets the destruction of Starbase Phoenix in 3304. A year later the Takamori-Bashir fields were discovered as a defense against the entity that had, by that point, occupied a quarter of the Delta Quadrant. By 3314, the only haven in the Delta Quadrant is Crossroads Station above the planet Carroll. During the round table, the participants realized that the Mother entity had reached Earth before the transmission cut out.

Carpenter and Gret’ak debated the paradox of sending back the only asset holding back Mother. The ferocity of recent attacks was proof enough that Crossroads was the focus on the entities plans.

Noluk and Icmod ran to the infirmary to see Selek who requested a private conversation with Albatross’ XO. Selek had been told stories by his grandmother about them both. Icmod would become Noluk’s closest friend. Selek was shot down by Anton Rostov after stepping between him and Ligshuk Voci.


As a group, we wrote 80,000 words. We wrote the equivalent of a novel; which is incredible. It looks like October will be just as busy.

Kait returned to OH1 after some months away. And, we were joined by brand new players Jacklyn and Kas.

Player of the Month

Tim brought the Kharians back into the story dramatically and wrote very lengthy treatise on the Mother entity that dominates a storyline one hundred years in OH1’s own future. We love the character of the Kharian Emporer who is ruthless and apologetic. Tim always provides meta-information like a map of the quarantine zone and a round-table discussion of the Mother entity that deepens our immersion in the stories he tells. Tim has been a cornerstone in our writing of an entire novel this month.

Honourable mention to Kevin who has done so much with the Gatrubbian Settlement and future storylines.

Quote of the Month

“Save us! Stop the plague the Writers have sent!”
–Kevin either referring to the Gatrubbian deities, I think

Subject Line of the Month

2416.09.01.01 SENT Stoneclaw “Tom Clancy called. He wants his novel idea back.”
–Another exciting story by Tim

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