Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for November 2015

DW 250 retreated to the USS Kilimanjaro to avoid being compromised by the malicious subroutines that brought down Sentinal Station’s computers. He is joined by Maedi, a technician who has been fulfilling the role of bodyguard as of late. DW 250 felt like a prisoner confined to the runabout. Thoroughly scrubbing Sentinel’s systems will take some time.

Eiwan and Ariana headed down the Promenade for sushi. Ariana’s rendition of “Kiss Me” in the original Klingon was a classic. Mirel, Sentinel’s new commanding officer, was the target of speculation amongst junior officers between rounds at the sushi bar.

Mahlyk, disguised as a Brunali, came aboard and received his task: kill DW 250. The details of the plan are still to be worked out and so is the identity of the individual that hired him.

Gero, one of the station’s astronomers, arrived on station and was immediately deployed to the Lighthouse, a communications relay near the Gerosh Wormhole. He was joined by Orakix, a former Krenim soldier that made his way to OH1 after defecting to Seiklon Axel a number of years ago.

After a night Karaoke, Ariana was sent to investigate flowing lava within the Hope One Dyson Sphere. Several aerial passes with Lt. Avinbruch were warranted before touching down to collect samples. Doctor Butler and a dermal regenerator should repair the damage caused by Ariana’s enthusiasm.

Mirel had her first encounter with Sentinel’s new shrink.

Pleg, a fat Ferengi, arrived along with his wife Lirka and son Gral to supply the tourist trade with dyson sphere and wormhole collectables and souvenirs.

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