Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for March 2017

Captain Patch lead a briefing of the crew of USS Daystrom. Despite decades of previous experience, it was his first command as a Starfleet officer. He spent every waking hour since his assignment by Commander Mirel to prepare. His ship would carry a full science complement as well as the station’s intelligence officer.

Axel’s crew was involved in a dicey trade of cargo on Thela. Captain Elias kept an eye on the two warring parties from the cockpit of his old Bajoran raider. T’Nan demanded their surrender amid sporadic shelling. She and the captain had history. Pigg cut a deal with T’Nan nonetheless, leaving his cargo shipment for her rather than completing delivery to Griffen. The whole incident rattled Captain Elias. He sat down with Chelsea. They had both changed their names to avoid past entanglements.

Toraith and his father were found hugging by Roquel. Gorn family counselling involved cuts, bruises and hugs. Duke Faritha thanked Albatross’ Klingon doctor for deborging him. The duke was determined to clear his son’s name on tax evasion charges and retake his own place within the Gorn Hegemony. He requested use of the Albatross. Noluk was already enroute to return Toraith to Axel when Axel’s distress call was recieved. Icmod went about repairing the damage by the pair of Gorn.

Icmod and Roquel had their own heart-to-heart. They were both seeking distance from their pasts and the freedom of open space. And they found each other, walking off hand-in-hand.

Roquel and Icmod shared an intimate moment. Icmod recommended they stay together and Shenara pilot Albatross. On her way back to her quarters she came across a bruised and bloodied Toraith. She touched on the touchy subject of Toraiths speech impediment: short ‘s’ sounds.

Pleg chastised his son for removing collectable Maurauder Mo figures from their packaging to play. His anger was short-lived as Pleg sat down next to his son to play.

T’Nam hired Eugene to exact revenge aagainst Paul Gorgon (aka Elias Pigg).

Imgres and Xin examined the unusual activity of Seiklon Axel’s warp core while underway. Along with Dvir, they tried to identify the slight power loss. It could have been the result of a faulty part.

Captain Pigg ran through his personal history with T’nan and the Arvorian Syndicate. He was hours away from Sentinel Station; plenty of time to think. Their arrival was further delayed by taking Axel out of warp to attempt a fix on their engine troble.

While travelling on impulse, a ship appeared and beamed Axel’s steward away before the bridge crew could react. Imgres and Xin emitted a dispersal field to disrupt Eugene’s transporter lock. Eugene regretted not beaming Elias aboard his ship first. Elias (Paul in a former life) demanded Chelsea (Christina in a former life) back. Captain Johnson of the Cyclone defended Axdel from a heavy barrage. The Cutlass escaped with Chelsea aboard.

Komara Imtaren readied for opening day of his new shop on Sentinel Station’s Promenade: Pilgrimage Cafe and Books. Pleg was his first customer. The Ferengi had cornered the market on souvenirs (some fake) and was not keen on a real Gatrubbian merchant. His worry lasted only until his next scheme. Husar kept a watchful distance. Bear wondered what happened to the pet store. He was ever suspicious of Husar and Pleg. The idea of a business association formed while Husar, Imtaren and Pleg chatted in the cafe.

During a public demonstration Pleg roped Commander Mirel into the discussion.

Husar and two heavies delivered furniture to the quarters of Sentinel’s Chief Operations Officer.

Captain Trensu outlined the mission to his hand-picked team. Communication with Threshold Station was lost. Preliminary astrometric readings showed a massive change in the structure of the brown dwarf system. Lieutenant Bear, OH1s intelligence officer, was also assigned to the mission for reasons known only to himself and the captain. Ensign Serota spoke with Lieutenant Bear in the corridor to ease some of the tension from the briefing room. The intelligence officer was well known for this paranoia and aggression but proved he had a sense of humour as well.

Daystrom’s chief scientist held a briefing the ship’s science and engineering contingent. They needed to re-establish communications with Threshold Station and understand the unusual readings from the moon upon which the station was built and the brown dwarf star it orbited. The team was working from scans and schematics provided by Threshold in their regular reports to Starfleet Science. Something had changed seemingly overnight.

USS Daystrom approached the brown dwarf system where Threshold Station was located. There were traces of chronotons and tachyons indicating a temporal anomoly. The star itself was in gravimetric flux with other planetary bodies strongly affected. The moon was destroyed along with the station. There were at least two other debris fields within the system. Lieutenant Bear recommended a scan for borayons on a hunch.


Devon was lured back to write with OH1 with the deployment of USS Daystrom. Skylar joined OH1.

We discussed a new, non-canon particle, borayons, related to the events at Threshold Station

Subject Line of the Month

2417.03.12.03 DYSTM Ariana “DFA is filled with go getters”
—A very eager Ensign Serota appearing after months of silence

Player of the Month

Kevin regularly communicates with other players and is actively contributing to the major storylines in March as Gero (Daystrom), Eugene (kidnap plot) and Komara (Promenade) in addition to his regular cast of characters. He is a great writer and enthusiastic about the DS.

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